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NSFW WWE's Lana gets cocaine snorted off her bare chest

Discussion in 'Women of Wrestling' started by Full, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Full

    Full MP Legend

    Randy Borton and AndreTheTruth gave this a hell yeah!
  2. CMPuLs3

    CMPuLs3 We're all lost kids.

  3. Muuuftah

    Muuuftah The Last Real Man On TWF

    It's going to be an awkward day at work for Lana when the locker room finds that, if they don't already know.
  4. Mogel

    Mogel The Captain
    Global Moderator

  5. What movie was that?
  6. Full

    Full MP Legend

  7. fufu

    fufu kamilia
    The Varsity Club

    Full video please. I want to compare techniques.
  8. Marshall

    Marshall Mid-Carder

    Now that is just awesome!
  9. WonderChrissay?~

    WonderChrissay?~ Full time hipster.

    The first time I saw some of the vid, I thought it was the guy licking cream or something, but snorting cocaine?..c'mon there are better ways.
  10. The cinemax(whatever it's name) show?
  11. Psychoz

    Psychoz Wolf Haley
    Premium Member

    lol ok
  12. Jeremy

    Jeremy Optic Member
    Premium Member

    Jeremy approves of this video. :bodallasthumbsup:
  13. airbourne908

    airbourne908 Mid-Carder

  14. Maaniax

    Maaniax Mr. Maniax's Adventure

  15. BO Tumbas

    BO Tumbas the Renee Young lovin, Weed Smoking SOB

  16. $MillionDollarMark$

    $MillionDollarMark$ TWF's Corporate Asshole. #MDM3:16

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