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WWE 2K15 10 possible new match types

Discussion in 'WWE 2K14' started by Kaiju The Curry Man, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Kaiju The Curry Man

    Kaiju The Curry Man Curry Sleep Slay The Beast

    Keep in mind that this game will be on Ps4 and Xbox One next gen so it could change the game a lot with the new engine

    1. Casket match: this match shouldn't be to hard play it out like a normal match then drag your opponent towards the casket them maybe a little mini game to throw them in and that's it

    2. Stretcher match: again drag your opponent to the stretcher put them against it like you do with the table then click X or A to put them on it (they can reverse) once one use the analog stick to push the stretcher along

    3. Ambulance match: drag your opponent towards the ambulance like the barricade or table throw opponent against the closed doors then click X or A to open the doors and throw them in then the winning scene can be the winner hitting the door and watch as it drives away

    4. Buried alive match: this match was in SvR 2006 I'm Pretty sure it can basically be the same as casket match drag your opponent over there attempt to throw them in then a little mini game winning scene can be the loader dropping dirt into the hole.

    5. 5 v 5 Survivor Series match: this is like a tag match just more people

    6. Three Stages of Hell: simply again do say a steel cage match which is already in the game then move onto a ladder then a hell in a cell match not to hard to do

    7. Lumberjack match: normal singles match but with people surrounding the ring

    8. Triple Threat Tag match: like a normal tag match but with 3 teams

    9. Punjabi Prison: this one I wasn't going to do but I was looking at videos and articles I was looking at the comments to do what most people were saying and I kept seeing this in my mind this match will never be in the game this match was only twice once over 5 years ago if they did put it in it is like a steel cage to cages well it's bit a cage it's like kendo stick or bamboo and there is 4 mini doors inside the first bamboo cage so like a cage climb over it and once the four doors open you can go through them I didn't put much thought into this one because I really doubt it will ever be in.

    10. Strap match: this one is another I doubt could be done but anyway 2 men both strap together 4 buzzers on each ring post only way to win is to activate all the posts maybe throw your opponent into the corner then start a mini game trying to hit the buzzer do that for all 4 corners.
  2. Hell why not go all out and put a scaffold match in there, just imagine all the possibilities it would be crazy.
  3. berkayde

    berkayde Trainee

    They wont put them because if tbey put them nobody will buy WWE 2K16 there wont be a reson to buy it. Or if they put them they have to cancel the other cool game modes to make everybody buy the new game. i really hate yukes
  4. Kaiju The Curry Man

    Kaiju The Curry Man Curry Sleep Slay The Beast

    Games are not made like that you have it get better every year not worse and you can't keep making the same stuff or people will just be like what's the point if it's the same as the last so they have to get better
  5. berkayde

    berkayde Trainee

    They are doing the same thing you said. Well it doesnt get worse but it gets a little bit better every year and we have not custom titantron option this year which sucks. And they will remove some things like that next year. Maybe they wont because its next-gen only for one year. After WWE 2K15 they will do the same thing
  6. Kaiju The Curry Man

    Kaiju The Curry Man Curry Sleep Slay The Beast

    Okay this is how I see it they have 1 year to make the game they sit down and get an idea for the campaign once done they spend all there time on the campaign and updating universe mode once done that they just out in all the stuff that was in last year they chuck in all the creation stuff like superstar threads story design all that then they add the matches and superstars but every now and the they will work on other stuff like this year we got superstar heads maybe next year we might get a new match type
    berkayde gave this a hell yeah!
  7. Kaiju The Curry Man

    Kaiju The Curry Man Curry Sleep Slay The Beast

    Yukes ain't that bad tho
  8. Jeremy

    Jeremy Mr. Small Package

    I'm kinda iffy on the first 4 in the list. They're all pretty similar.

    5, 6, 7, and 8 are all possibilities and I'd like to see them in the game. I'm hoping next-gen will allow for more than 6 wrestlers at a time.

    I don't see 9 and 10 being done because they rarely ever happen.
  9. Kaiju The Curry Man

    Kaiju The Curry Man Curry Sleep Slay The Beast

    First 4 I'm trying to Make it sound as simply as possible because it really is so possible it can be made

    10 i said I wasen't gonna add this because I really doubt it will be in the game but I was watching videos and reading articles and everyone in the comments was saying it
  10. Kaiju The Curry Man

    Kaiju The Curry Man Curry Sleep Slay The Beast

    Not saying it will be in but saying they want it so I just thought why not
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