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Official WWE Network Thread (Questions/Concerns/Discussion)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CMPuLs3, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. EH3?

    EH3? ~YEAOH!
    Global Moderator


    Elimination Chamber 2014 is up on the Network! I've found something to do today...
  2. Star Lord

    Star Lord Johnny Gargano Is My Hero

    I passed out during Shield Vs Wyatts and finally got to watch it last night. Was awesome but I still think Bray/Bryan >>
  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy Mr. Small Package

    Haven't watched anything on the Network all month. Sometimes I forget I even have it. Feels like a waste of money right now lol.
    ✸OPJAKE✸ ™ gave this a hell yeah!
  4. ✸OPJAKE✸ ™

    ✸OPJAKE✸ ™ I'm the second best in the world at what I do.

    I know that's the same thing I'm through with the network
  5. EH3?

    EH3? ~YEAOH!
    Global Moderator

    Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko from Hostile City Showdown '95 is being aired on the most recent episode of ECW Hardcore TV. Truly incredible match - Worth the watch for sure.
  6. MP4Eedz

    MP4Eedz Trainee

    Spewing you can't get this in Australia (I don't think), c'mon WWE it's 2014 the world can access Apple TV or Microsoft via Xbox etc. Surely the network can go global.

    Current me if I'm wrong btw, if it is accessible in Australia?
  7. Star Lord

    Star Lord Johnny Gargano Is My Hero

    This Journey To Wrestlemania Documentary about Bryan is amazing. Its non kayfabe so they touch on ROH, why he got fired etc.
  8. EH3?

    EH3? ~YEAOH!
    Global Moderator

    Where is it on The Network? I looked for it on my phone earlier today and I couldn't find it.
  9. Star Lord

    Star Lord Johnny Gargano Is My Hero

    Its in the originals section, should be the first thing in it.
  10. POE_SE1

    POE_SE1 Prospect

    Yal should check Daniel Bryan Road to Wrestlemania documentary. Its amazing.
  11. JD Grayson

    JD Grayson Blue-Chipper

    This is the next Beyond The Ring scheduled for this Saturday. If it was going to be about Cena I would have rather seen the My Life DVD which was pretty cool
  12. Star Lord

    Star Lord Johnny Gargano Is My Hero

    I watched that a while ago, bought it in 2010 when I was in Super Cena Mark Mode. It was okay, it wasn't as good as the previous episodes of Beyond The Ring.
    JD Grayson gave this a hell yeah!
  13. Jwab & I did not enjoy the WWE Countdown about Raw's Moments.
  14. Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis NJPW Beginner

    It was a good episode.
  15. Nah, I didn't care for it and neither did Jwab. Higher standards, I guess.
  16. Mogel

    Mogel The Captain
    Global Moderator

    Old School on right now and man if my dad was out of work right now he'd be loving this Santana and Steamboat tag team match.
    JD Grayson gave this a hell yeah!
  17. Star Lord

    Star Lord Johnny Gargano Is My Hero

    Just sit down to watch the Warrior documentary on his Mania Weekend.
  18. Star Lord

    Star Lord Johnny Gargano Is My Hero

    Sting is interviewed in it, might be nothing but this might mean he is on good terms with WWE since it was most likely taped after he left TNA.
  19. Mogel

    Mogel The Captain
    Global Moderator

    So can you no longer fast forward and rewind the Network? Or have they just removed the overlay on the video and made that a keyboard key like pausing is the space bar.
  20. EH3?

    EH3? ~YEAOH!
    Global Moderator

    I'd really like to see some more Original Series on the Network. Something like the Timeline series Kayfabe Commentaries does. I'd love to see Joey Styles, Paul Heyman, etc. comment on some of ECW's moments.
  21. Spear

    Spear Mid-Carder

    Here is how this goes.

    If anybody is looking to get the WWE Network, why not help people out?

    WWE Network Refer-A-Friend

    This is here to refer a friend to the WWE Network to get up to 250 $ in giftcard money.

    If you're getting the Network, choose a friend here.

    If you want it be random, just put a number in your post, such as me.

    My number : 1

    Someone will put them all in a randomizer website, and award the person who wins.

    Both people, the referer, and the buyer, gets a 25 $ giftcard, so refer!
  22. Mogel

    Mogel The Captain
    Global Moderator

    Anyone know if they have the episode of RAW or was it Smackdown...where William Regal won the King of the Ring?
  23. Electro

    Electro I am SupaHotFire's Advocate.

    WWE is expected to add The Monday Night War series to the WWE Network this summer. They are also looking at adding all of the old WWE 24/7 Hall of Fame profile specials later this year.

    Source: NODQ.com

    Are you guys excited for one of the key parts of the attitude era, the Monday Night Wars, heading to the WWE Network?​
  24. Justen98

    Justen98 Mid-Carder

    I am
  25. Justen98

    Justen98 Mid-Carder

    They should have the search bar for when you want a match like Cena vs. Edge or something you can find it anyone else think that? ( or am I just using it wrong?)
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