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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by The 13 Year Old Kid, May 30, 2013.

  1. Im the 13 year old kid! My favorite wrestler is xpac aka the 123 kid which is the reason for my username. :D
    AgainstAll Rising gave this a hell yeah!
  2. Welcome to the site! *Insert lame joke here* How old are you?
  3. BO Tumbas

    BO Tumbas the Renee Young lovin, Weed Smoking SOB

    greetings friend
  4. xX RoboJoe Xx

    xX RoboJoe Xx Savior of the Masses
    Premium Member

    Hi Kid, Welcome to Machinimapalooza 2.0. It's always great to meet and greet a new member to the MP family. :)

  5. CMPuLs3

    CMPuLs3 We're all lost kids.

    No it's not, you're a liar.

  6. Shadow?

    Shadow? G.O.M.D

    Welcome to the community,enjoy your stay.
  7. Dante

    Dante (◣_◢)

    welcome to palooza, and what is your real name because i will not call you *the 13 year old kid* every time
  8. My name is Lucas. :)
  9. Muuuftah

    Muuuftah The Last Real Man On TWF

    That's a cool name lol, it's definitely different! Welcome man! :)
  10. Fireshock

    Fireshock Shocking every match since 2012

    A very different name for sure welcome to MP :)
  11. Marshall

    Marshall Mid-Carder

    Hey, its that 13 year old kid right!? Welcome!
  12. Welcome to the site :).
  13. PoPo

    PoPo Blue-Chipper

    Welcome, bro!
  14. HoHo Uchiha

    HoHo Uchiha King of The Creep Style

    X-Pac fan huh, I met the guy months ago..truly respectful to my brother, father and I.I took a Polaroid yes Polaroid with him and he signed it as well.I must say at his age, he still had great timing within the ring.It was also funny to see little kids say suck it constantly lol.
  15. Luki

    Luki Blue-Chipper

    Part of me thinks that you're just taking the piss, Anyways Welcome :D
  16. Welcome dude!
    Enjoy your stay :)
  17. X-Pac is the bomb!

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