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Global Force Wrestling Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Indy, Puro, & Other Wrestling' started by CMPuLs3, Apr 7, 2014.

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  1. CMPuLs3

    CMPuLs3 We're all lost kids.

    NASHVILLE — After weeks of speculation and unprecedented internet buzz surrounding the hashtag #ItsComing … IT IS HERE!

    Legendary performer and third-generation promoter Jeff Jarrett and his wife, Karen, are set to unveil Global Force Wrestling (GlobalForceWrestling.com), which promises to be the most fan-interactive and immersive wrestling experience in history.

    “Because of new media, new technology and more ‘in-tune’ fans than we’ve ever had, wrestling is poised for another boom like it experienced in the mid-1980s and late 1990s,” Jeff Jarrett said. “What we’re going to deliver is a multi-platform, innovative brand that will engage fans in ways they’ve never experienced. It will provide a fresh perspective inside the business that fans have been clamoring for.”

    Jarrett, the founder of TNA wrestling and a 12-time world champion who wrestled in WWE, WCW and numerous international promotions, and his wife, Karen, have been laying the foundation for GFW since January 2014.

    “Jeff was born into this business,” Karen Jarrett said. “It’s his life’s passion. He saw a unique opportunity to fill a need in professional wrestling, and he has tirelessly devoted himself physically, mentally and emotionally to doing just that.”

    Videos of the Jarretts previewing the new promotion attached to the hashtag #ItsComing have garnered more than a million views. Meanwhile, Jeff and Karen have been searching the United States and the international ranks in search of undiscovered talent. The response has been overwhelming, with more than 400 performers from across the globe already in the evolving GFW talent database.

    “The reality is we want to build a brand in which fans are watching our wrestlers evolve from day one and are truly invested in the lives of our talent in and out of the ring,” Jarrett said.

    Global Force Wrestling expects to make several more key announcements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


    Decided to make a new thread for everything GFW.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2014
    MrReespawn gave this a hell yeah!
  2. CMPuLs3

    CMPuLs3 We're all lost kids.

    Looks like we might see the Pope in Jarrett's new promotion

    ss (2014-04-07 at 03.21.47).jpg
  3. EH3?

    EH3? We are Jimmyz
    Global Moderator

    Ehhh. I was hoping for a big announcement right off the bat. Not a fan of the name, nor the idea of The Pope being near a wrestling ring.
  4. PoPo

    PoPo Blue-Chipper

    Edgeworth1001, Marshall and EH3? gave this a hell yeah!
  5. Mogel

    Mogel The Captain
    Global Moderator

    I think we all know the first major feud of the promotion.^
  6. PoPo

    PoPo Blue-Chipper

    I swear if Beetlejuice vs Jarrett is a legitimate feud in this new promotion I'll lose it.
  7. CMPuLs3

    CMPuLs3 We're all lost kids.

    Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling announced that they have signed a deal with 25/7 Productions and Dave Broome, the creator of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. No TV deal is in place yet but 25/7 will be producing GFW TV shows.

    Broome said in a press release that was only released in .jpg form:

    "It's easy to get excited about Global Force Wrestling when you get to know Jeff Jarrett and see his passion and understand his vision. He's eager to bring a new perspective to professional wrestling, and we're eager to help him achieve that goal."

    The press release also touted how GFW has over 500 talents in their database. The Hollywood Reporter did an article on GFW and notes that they plan on running 52 weeks per year as competition to WWE and TNA. Jarrett and Broome are currently shopping TV rights to matches -- which will air both live and live-to-tape -- as well as unscripted fare. Broome says interest has been high from both major broadcast and cable networks.

    "It just won't be a bunch of wrestling matches; we have exciting announcements to come. TNA or WWE right now is match after match after match. Global Force Wrestling is not going to do that. There will be matches but there will be a lot more and a lot more variety placed into the actual events that will be really innovative and fresh," Broome said.
    THG? gave this a hell yeah!
  8. EH3?

    EH3? We are Jimmyz
    Global Moderator

    I'm not sure what product Double J has been watching if he's saying WWE and TNA are just "match after match". This sounds like a lot of expansion in the very early stages, which I'm not thrilled about. Quite honestly, I'm not sold on any of this yet.
  9. PoPo

    PoPo Blue-Chipper

    Variety? Does that mean Double J will be bashing guitars over midget heads? If so count me in.
    Last edited: May 11, 2014
    Edgeworth1001, larsosc~, THG? and 2 others gave this a hell yeah!
  10. Mogel

    Mogel The Captain
    Global Moderator

  11. MrReespawn

    MrReespawn TWF's Resident Jobber!

    Hopefully it will be something good, fresh and most importantly entertaining.
  12. Black Wizard

    Black Wizard Queen of Metal

    I'm always up for more wrestling, so hopefully this promotion can actually get on its feet.
    Edgeworth1001 and MrReespawn gave this a hell yeah!
  13. CMPuLs3

    CMPuLs3 We're all lost kids.

  14. Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis NJPW Beginner

    I have a very fuzzy feeling in me that this could be something huge. Hopefully it is.
  15. Not much hope for the promotion if 'Pope' is going to be a feature.
  16. EH3?

    EH3? We are Jimmyz
    Global Moderator

    Man, GFW has turned out to be a bigger flop than I initially expected. I know they're young, but the fact that they've been public for this long and the only things they've managed to do is take pictures with wrestlers and edit them on a low budget production and align themselves with AAA, which was not only expected, the company is awful right now. I'd be shocked if GFW ran a show this year.
    THG? gave this a hell yeah!
  17. Full

    Full MP Legend

    "All right, GFW fans. Here’s your chance to get involved. We want your input. We know you’ve already been thinking about the possibilities:

    “What if (insert name here) joins the Force?”

    The NFL draft starts Thursday, but the Global Force Wrestling fantasy draft starts on Monday. Put on your general manager hat and put together a list of five wrestlers, four male and one female, that you would make your top picks. Post your list on our Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #GFWGM.

    The only other instruction besides four men and one woman is to confine your choices to independent wrestlers.

    The GFW Fantasy Draft 2014 runs through Sunday, May 11, which coincides with the final day of the NFL Draft."
  18. ForumBlawk

    ForumBlawk Don't Be A Rosebud, Be A Strawberry!

    Flopping like Flair.
  19. CMPuLs3

    CMPuLs3 We're all lost kids.

    I don't think "flop" is the word you were looking for. To call them a flop before they even do ANYTHING is just ridiculous. To really judge them on anything right now is kind of ridiculous. At least give them a chance to get out of the gate before you dismiss them.
    Smark and MrReespawn gave this a hell yeah!
  20. EH3?

    EH3? We are Jimmyz
    Global Moderator

    Flop would be the wrong word. However, doesn't everything seem really rushed to you? Jarrett's practically thrown a logo up on Twitter and their trademark has become "big things ahead". Everyone was waiting for Jarrett to start a promotion, but instead of getting his ducks aligned and wowing us with a major announcement to kick things off, this seems rather thrown together. Very disappointing, imo.
  21. Playrules

    Playrules Prospect

    I think people saying that GFW is a flop is not fair, they haven't shown us anything yet, we don't even know any of the roster yet, personally I am excited to see what double J does and where the promotion sits, hoping it competes with TNA and gets rid of TNA and becomes replaces TNA as the 2nd best promotion in the world.
  22. CMPuLs3

    CMPuLs3 We're all lost kids.

    GFW has a working relationship with AAA & now, New Japan Pro Wrestling,

    This is HUGE for them.
  23. THG?

    THG? I love dogs and other memes.

    That may be the one thing that makes me think they're credible enough to compete. All we need now is a set time for their debut show.
  24. EH3?

    EH3? We are Jimmyz
    Global Moderator

    I need names before I consider it "huge". It could just be Jarrett and some other dude. Names and we'll talk.
  25. Mogel

    Mogel The Captain
    Global Moderator

    Some more info on their deal with New Japan, basically it's exactly what you'd expect.
    Still want to know who's actually on the GFW roster...I mean we'll be seeing AAA and New Japan wrestlers with them but who exactly will AAA and NJPW be using in return?
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